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The Minister of Finance & the Public Service

The Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP, is Jamaica's Minister of Finance and the Public Service and is Member of Parliament for St Andrew Northwestern. ...

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

The Honourable Fayval Williams, MP, is Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service. Minister Williams is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and h...

Financial Secretary

Miss Darlene Morrison...

What are the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group to the tuition refund process?

The roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group are as follows:  


  • Advise HRM of intent to study and seek clarity on course relevance  
  • Submit the required documentation to the HRMU upon completion of the course of study in a timely manner  
  • Where the applicant is aware that he/she will be completing the programme beyond the prescribed time then the applicant should inform Hr in a timely manner and indicate the tentative date of completion.
  • Effect all the necessary requirements for payments

Human Resource Management Unit

  • Prepare annual budget to facilitate refund of tuition requests
  • Process all requests for tuition refund using the first in first out accounting principle   
  • Approve tuition refund applications that meet all the criteria
  • Advise all applicants of the status of their requests
  • Advise the general employee population of changes to the tuition refund processes
  • Provide clear instructions to the Accounting Officer for payment
  • Submit copies of approval for Refund of Tuition payments to the respective Unit in the Ministry of Finance & Planning to aid in the monitoring process.  
  • Where there is doubt seek clarification from the relevant officers within Ministry of Finance & Planning, if deemed necessary.

Finance/Accounts Unit

  • Ensure the necessary checks and balances on all calculations are submitted for payment
  • Effect payment requests submitted by the Human Resource Management Unit in keeping with the established Government accounting principles and procedures

Tuition Refund Steering Committee/Team (this committee/team will be set up by the organization)

  • Review submissions from the HRMU ensuring that all the guidelines are being followed
  • Rule on issues of course relevance where applicable - The committee should be able to determine if the course is relevant to the public sector.  
  • Make decisions regarding recommendations for payment from HRMU
  • Monitor the processes undertaken by the HRMU
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