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Director, Programme and Projects

Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
(GMG/SEG 4) – Not Vacant, salary range $3,154,073- $3,749,202 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.
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Director, Programme and Projects (GMG/SEG 4)

Job Purpose

Under the general direction of the Senior Director, MSME Division, the Director, Programmes & Projects (GMG/SEG 4) manages and co-ordinates projects, programmes, policies, planning, development and evaluation processes to facilitate the achievement of GOJ’s policy objectives relating to the strengthening of the environment for business activity, financing and other emerging issues under the Micro Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSME) Portfolio of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

There is the requirement to initiate and oversee research and analysis of ideas, implement policies, strategies, legislation and activities to ensure a stable environment for the development of the MSMEs.

Key Responsibilities


  • Develops performance indicators and programme evaluation criteria and methods to track policy impact;
  • Keeps abreast of best practices, trends and developments in the MSME global environment and makes recommendations for their adoption or application where appropriate;
  • Tracks the implementation of policies in order to ensure that objectives are met in accordance with prescribed priorities and performance benchmarks;
  • Conceptualizes, designs and makes recommendations on policies, policy guidelines, and the Terms of Reference for projects, programmes and initiatives in keeping with international best practices and GOJ guidelines;
  • Manages the implementation of MSME related projects, programmes and initiatives, determines indicators to measure the impact of MSME related policies and proposes adjustments based on evaluation outcomes;
  • Co-ordinates consultations, meetings and seminars with Sector interests and ensures that the necessary decisions and policy recommendations are facilitated;
  • Researches and develops policies, programmes and technical papers on MSME issues to facilitate access to financing and the improvement of the business environment focussing on business registration, business formalization and taxation issues;
  • Ensures the inclusion of Gender issues and Youth, Entrepreneurship and Promotion of innovation in the development of policies;
  • Establishes linkage framework for the participation of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the supply and value chain networks;
  • Writes Cabinet Submissions, Cabinet Notes, Ministry Papers, Green Papers on policy issues and provides technical background information and writes media releases and represents the Division at conferences, meetings, seminars as required;
  • Makes recommendations on draft legislation;
  • Determines/identifies breaches and inaccuracies and ensures that they are addressed;
  • Investigates complaints or delays in projects and recommends corrective action;
  • Prepares projects, proposals, financial forecasts, feasibility studies and submits for approval;
  • Manages the MSME issues within the regional context;
  • Designs the Terms of Reference and documents related to special projects, technical assistance and short-term consultants;
  • Oversees the execution of MSME related projects for which MIIC has direct responsibility;
  • Identifies indicators to measure the impact of MSME related policies and proposes adjustments based on evaluation outcomes;
  • Ensures consultations with Sector interests and ensures that the necessary decisions and policy recommendations are facilitated;
  • Leads on the implementation of related policies and legislation geared at improving access to financing by MSMES;
  • Researches and prepares technical position papers in the areas assigned to the MSME Portfolio;Establishes linkage Framework for the participation of start-ups and entrepreneurs in supply and value chain networks;
  • Spearheads the formation of policy to support the introduction of entrepreneurship in school curriculums;
  • Provides technical contributions for the preparation of speeches, media releases and other documents as required;
  • Prepares Cabinet Submissions, Notes, Ministry papers, Green Paper etc. on policy issues;
  • Monitors and makes recommendations on draft legislation;
  • Prepares negotiating briefs for agenda items and represents the Ministry on the GOJ delegation as required;
  • Collaborates with critical stakeholders and devises strategies to handle problems that may occur in the sector;
  • Manages the MSME issues within the regional context.
Management and Administrative
  • Co-ordinates work, sets objectives and goals and ensures the achievement of targets;
  • Manages activities related to MSME related projects and programmes within MIIC;
  • Ensures that the MSME’s divisional Work Programme and Operational Plans are based on technically sound objectives and are consistent with the priority of economic development;
  • Develops Procedural Manuals, Operating Procedures, policies and recommendations, proposals and guidelines together with explanatory papers detailing implications of proposals and consequences of proposed actions;
  • Identifies inter sectoral policy issues, maintains close contact with Sector officials, identifies areas for future integration and ensures that adequate advanced planning is done;
  • Reviews the Corporates and Operational Plans of the assigned agencies and provides recommendations to ensure alignment with MIIC and GOJ’s objectives;
  • Develops and submits projects, programmes, Budgets and Operational Plans for approval;
  • Prepares Status, situational, Quarterly and Annual Reports;
  • Undertakes related research and consultations and develops information for the Ministry’s Legislative Programme and MSMES related collateral material;
  • Liaises with representatives in stakeholder Ministries, Agencies and Departments on related MSME issues;
  • Develops collaborative linkages with stakeholders and the general public with fairness, transparency, responsiveness and integrity.
Human Resource
  • Collaborates with the Principal Director on the Succession Positioning of staff;
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of direct reports, prepares Performance Appraisals and recommends and/or initiates corrective action where necessary to improve;
  • Participates in the recruitment of project staff and line staff;
  • Recommends transfer, promotion, and leave for line staff in accordance with established Human Resource policies and procedures;
  • Provides leadership and guidance to direct reports through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring and coaching;
  • Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the Division’s and Ministry’s goal;
  • Contributes to the positive team spirit in the Division.
  • Plans and implements special studies or investigations as required;
  • Keeps abreast of trends and changes in the market to ensure proper planning and policy development;
  • Interprets policy and advises staff on Government Regulations and guidelines;
  • Makes recommendations for adjustment, where necessary in the Ministry’s Policy Framework;
  • Gives lectures and speeches on MSME related areas as required;
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be determined from time to time.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


  • Strong communication and customer relations skills.
  • Excellent problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong human relations and emotional intelligence.
  • Strong management and leadership skills.
  • Ability to lead and work in a team.
  • Ability to build and maintain strong linkages and network with stakeholders.
  • The ability to organize and manage multi stakeholder demands.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Confidentiality and integrity.



  • Knowledge of international business environment and the global MSME landscape.
  • Good project management skills.
  • Proficiency in computer applications (word processing, power point, spreadsheet, intranet and internet).
  • Sound knowledge of Government regulations, policies and principles.
Minimum Required Qualification and Experience
  • Master’s Degree in Public Administration, International Business, Public Sector Policy, Business Administration or other related discipline.
  • Eight (8) years working experience in the field.
  • Experience and training in project management would be an asset.
  • Sound knowledge of the MSME landscape related to the Government sector.


  • First Degree and combination of related qualifications.
  • Twelve (12) years related experience in a senior management field.
  • Experience and training in project management would be an asset.
  • Sound knowledge of the MSME landscape related to the Government sector.
Special Conditions Associated with the Job
  • Typical office environment, no adverse working conditions, willingness to travel both locally and internationally.
  • May occasionally be required to work late and on the weekends.

Applications accompanied by résumés should be submitted no later than Friday, 26th November, 2021 to:

Human Resource Management and Development
Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
4 St. Lucia Avenue
Kingston 5
Email: hrm@miic.gov.jm

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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