Government of Jamaica


Government of Jamaica

Office of Public Procurement Policy

The Government of Jamaica has strengthened its public sector procurement system with the April 1, 2019 entry into force of Jamaica’s first legislative framework on public procurement.


The legislation comprises The Public Procurement Act 2015 (as amended) (referred to as “the Principal Act”), The Public Procurement Regulations 2018 and The Public Procurement (Reconsideration and Review) Regulations 2018. In September 2019, The Public Procurement (Registration and Classification of Suppliers) Regulations 2019 entered into force, and further Ministerial Orders on Special and Differential Treatment have been promulgated.

This framework lays the foundation for a modern procurement regime, reflective of best practices in government procurement.


By virtue of the Principal Act, the Office of Public Procurement Policy (“the Office”) is mandated to develop public procurement policy, provide policy implementation guidance, training and advice to persons participating in public procurement. Amongst its functions, the Office is required to inter alia:

  1. Monitor the operation of the public procurement process and compliance with the provisions of the principal Act and regulations made thereunder;

  2. Undertake research and statistical analysis to inform policy development in relation to public procurement;

  3. Develop and maintain a database of public procurement statistics;

  4. Review the methods, procedures and processes used in public procurement and recommend any modifications as appropriate; and

  5. Present an annual report to the Minister regarding the functioning of the public procurement system.

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