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Government of Jamaica

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The Access to Information Act was passed in June, 2002. It gives citizens and other persons a general legal right of access to official government documents which would otherwise be inaccessible. By recognising and upholding this right, the Act aims to reinforce fundamental democratic principles.

2024 Domestic Debt

2024 External Debt

2023 Domestic Debt

2023 External Debt

2022 Domestic Debt

2022 External Debt

2021 Domestic Debt

2021 External Debt

2020 Domestic Debt

2020 External Debt

2019 Domestic Debt

2019 External Debt

2018 Domestic Debt

2018 External Debt

2017 Domestic Debt

2017 External Debt

2016 Domestic Debt

2016 External Debt

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