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Duty Concessions

A 20% Duty Concession is a benefit open to Travelling Officers in the Government who are permanently appointed.

The Duty Concession Policy

Revised 20% Motor Vehicle Duty Concession Policy.

The Duty Concession Application Form

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Frequently Asked Questions on Duty Concession

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Travelling officers in central government who are permanently appointed and their substantive post attracts traveling.

Motor Cars as defined in Section 11 of the Road Traffic Act; (ii) Cars with engine displacement not exceeding 3000 cc for cars using gasoline and 3200 cc for cars using diesel fuel; (iii) Maximum CIF Value of US$25,000 with full duties/SCT/GCT payable on the excess thereof.

Fill out the form (can hyperlink this word). The following documents should be attached to the form:

  1. Letter from human resource department of the employee detailing the grade and position of the individual, the eligibility for the concession (has the employee received a concession within the last five (5) years), the traveling allowance that the officer receives.

  2. Proforma Invoice with details inducing cost of car (CIF) and engine size/capacity.

  3. Copy of a valid Jamaica driver’s licence.

After three (3) years. If the vehicle is disposed of in any way before the three years, the officer is required to pay the duties forgone.

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