Government of Jamaica


Government of Jamaica

Ministry Papers for 2007

The MOFPS has overall responsibility for developing the Government’s fiscal and economic policy framework; collecting and allocating public revenues in the socio-economic development of Jamaica.

Taxation Measure 2007/2008

Issue Date: April 12, 2007

(Annex 1)- Government Guarantee of a Loan in the amount of 8,583 pounds and US$ 6,675,196, an Equivalent of US$ 16.08 million to the National Water Commission (NWC) for a Consortium of Banks led by BNP Paribas

NWC; National Water Commission; Loans; Government Loans; Consortiun; BNP Paribas – Issue Date: April 5, 2007

National Insurance Fund: Small and Medium Enterprises Credit Facility

Ministry Paper 80, National Insurance Fund; Credit Facility; Small Enterprises; Medium Enterprises – Issue Date: November 13, 2007

Government Guarantee of a Grant of 2o million pounds Funded by the European Union (EC) through the 9th EDF Resources to JAMPRO to Implement the Private Sector Development Programme

Ministry Paper 61, Loan; Financial Assistance; Goverment Guarantee; JAMPRO; Private Sector – Issue Date: June 19, 2007

Hurricane Dean Recovery and Reconstruction

Ministry Paper 71 – Issue Date: October 2, 2007

Debt Management Strategy 2007/2008

Ministry Paper 18, Debt Management; Debt – Issue Date: April 12, 2007

Government Guarantee of a Loan to Air Jamaica Under Provisions of the Approved Organizations and Authorities Loans (Government Guarantee ) Act

Ministry Paper 28, Air Jamaica; Government Guarantee; Loans – Issue Date: May 28, 2007

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