Government of Jamaica


Government of Jamaica

Ministry Papers for 2009

The MOFPS has overall responsibility for developing the Government’s fiscal and economic policy framework; collecting and allocating public revenues in the socio-economic development of Jamaica.

Supplementary Revenue Measures for Fiscal Year 2009/2010

Ministry Paper 107 – Issue Date: September 29, 2009

Revised Revenue Measures for Medium Term Fiscal Programme

Ministry Paper 128 – Issue Date: December 23, 2009

Revenue Measures 2009/2010

Ministry Paper 26 – Issue Date: April 23, 2009

Strategy for Restructuring the Public Sector

Ministry Paper 114 – Issue Date: November 2, 2009

Government Guarantee under the Provisions of the Approved Organizations and Authorities(Government Guarantee) Act of the amount od US$2.75 million of a loan of US$5.5 million from the Caribbean Development Bank to the University of the West (UWI)

Ministry Paper 18 – Issue Date: March 12, 2009

Government Guarantee in respect of a Loan facility of 425,000,000 million dollars to Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC) from Bano of Nova Scotia Limited (BNS)

Issue Date: April 8, 2009

Government Guarantee of 1,800 million loan to Air Jamaica through a Private Placement being arranged by NCB Capital Market Limited

Issue Date: January 1, 2009

Government Guarantee of a Loan of Euro 204.2 million from the Development Bank of Jamaica to NROCC and related cross-currency swap transactions

Issue Date: May 19, 2009

Government Guarantee under the Provisions of the Approved Organization and Authorities Loans totaling US$60 million to Airport Authority of Jamaica from the European Investment Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank to Finance Phase 1A of the expans

Ministry Paper 14 – Issue Date: February 19, 2009

Government Guarantee of Loans of Approximately US$101.8 million to Air Jamaica Limited (AJL)

Issue Date: June 8, 2009

Enhanced Revenue Measures for the Balance of FY 2009/2010

Ministry Paper 128 – Issue Date: December 17, 2009

Debt Management Strategy FY 2009/10

Ministry Paper 25 – Issue Date: April 23, 2009

Reduce Rates of Special Consumption Tax in Motor Vehicle

Issue Date: September 19, 2009

Half year Budget Execution Report Financial Year 2009/2010

Issue Date: November 23, 2009

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