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Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP
Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

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Hon. Nigel Clarke (centre) DPhil., MP, Minister of Finance and the Public Service is all smiles with Hon. Fayval Williams (3rd left), MP, Minister of Education and Youth, Dr Kasan Troupe (2nd left), Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Youth, Lilia Burunciuc (3rd right), World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean Countries, Karlene Francis (2nd right), Senior Country Officer at the World Bank, Sangeeta Carol Pinto (right), Senior Operations Officer at the World Bank and Dr Traceloy Solomon (left), Jamaica Education Project (JEP) Manager at the Ministry of Education and Youth after the visibility ceremony for the signing of a loan agreement with the Government of Jamaica and the World Bank for the support of the JEP at the Ministry on Monday, November 20, 2023.

­­­­­­­­­­­Kingston, Jamaica: Monday, November 20, 2023

The Government of Jamaica and the World Bank signed a loan agreement for USD 30 million to support the Jamaica Education Project (JEP) which is programmed to conclude on June 30, 2029. The Government of Jamaica and World Bank representatives participated in a visibility ceremony for the loan agreement held at the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service on Monday, November 20, 2023.

The JEP was conceptualised in part, by the post-pandemic learning crisis and jeopardised socioeconomic advancements impacting secondary-level education outcomes as well as the challenged Education Management Information System (EMIS). To address the identified issues, the JEP under the purview of the Ministry of Education and Youth (MoEY), seeks to improve the teaching and learning conditions for secondary education.

Hon. Nigel Clarke, DPhil., MP, Minister of Finance and the Public Service said, “Jamaica’s growth and development depends critically on human capital. Human capital development is a priority for the Government of Jamaica. Key to achieving this is equitable access to quality education. As such, we are pleased to partner with the World Bank on this critical project which will help the GOJ significantly improve education outcomes.”

“In addition, to be able to attract higher paying jobs, we need more Jamaicans who are qualified in these areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). For this reason, we are very pleased to be commemorating this morning an arrangement with the World Bank, whereby we will build our first Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) dedicated high school in line with the Prime Minister’s vision,” Minister Clarke further added. 

Meanwhile, Hon. Fayval Williams, MP highlighted that the MoEY is committed to strengthening the teaching and learning experience in secondary education and the overall Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Framework.

She said, “This loan signifies more than just monetary assistance; it is a vote of confidence in the potential of our young minds and the dedication of our educators. It acknowledges that when we invest in education, we invest in the very fabric of our society.”

“Furthermore, the agreement will enable us to enhance and expand our educational curriculum, ensuring that it remains relevant to the evolving needs of our society. We will promote inclusivity, bridging gaps in access to education and addressing disparities that may hinder the realization of the full potential of every Jamaican child” Minister Williams added.

The project will be led by Dr Traceloy Solomon of the Ministry of Education and Youth.

The beneficiaries of this Project will include both current and future students who will gain from a range of advancements, including the establishment of a state-of-the-art STEM secondary school, enriched curriculum, enhanced learning assessments, well-equipped educators, targeted support for improved student retention and the comprehensive STEM Education Framework. The project is expected to impact approximately 150,000 secondary students over its duration.

Lilia Burunciuc, World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean Countries noted, “Jamaica is making noteworthy strides in education; however, challenges persist. In secondary education, there are issues with completion, equity and low student performance. This new project aims to bolster the Jamaican education system by enhancing access for the most disadvantaged students and improving the education outcomes.”

Additionally, the JEP is expected to benefit approximately 6,000 secondary school teachers, school principals and MoEY staff through the provision of Technical Assistance (TA) to strengthen/advance institutional capacity. Education policymakers and practitioners will gain from specialized training and access to an enhanced EMIS to improve and track student retention at the secondary level.


The Project consists of five (5) components:

  1. Strengthening Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education (US$8.2 million) – This aims to facilitate improving learning outcomes of secondary school students through system-level interventions, including integration of STEM approaches across different academic disciplines.
  2. Quality and Resilient School Infrastructure (US$15 million) – This encompasses the establishment of a secondary STEM school that adheres to universal design and climate-conscious principles. This educational facility will feature gender-sensitive amenities and bespoke adaptations to accommodate learners with disabilities and special needs, ensuring the creation of a learner-centric, secure and inclusive learning environment. Furthermore, this component encompasses the provision of essential equipment and furniture for the newly constructed school.
  3. Strengthening Information Systems and Strategies for Student Retention (US$3.75 million) – This focuses on strengthening the EMIS to improve the overall management of the education sector and deploying targeted intervention strategies to support student retention, particularly at the secondary level.
  4. Technical Assistance, Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Project Management (US$2.8 million) – This will provide TA to the education sector to facilitate the development of a STEM education framework to improve the capacity building of master teachers at all educational levels, strengthen institutional capacity and support management of Project activities.
  5. Contingent Emergency Response- The provision of an immediate response mechanism in the event of an emergency.




For further information contact: 

Corporate Communication & Public Relations Branch

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

30 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Tel: (876) 932-4656/4660/4655

Email:  Shelly-Ann.Weeks@mof.gov.jm; Shakiel.Rochester-Shorter@mof.gov.jm

The Hon. Nigel Clarke, D.Phil., MP

Minister of Finance and the Public Service
30 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4
Tel: (876) 932-4656 / 4660 / 4655
Eml: opedjamaica@gmail.com

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