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Compensation Review

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is committed to creating a working environment that supports employees to deliver high quality services to the people of Jamaica. As part of the ongoing transformation of the public sector of Jamaica, the GOJ is restructuring the compensation system to address current and emerging issues relating to the structure of compensation, to create an equitable and defensible pay and job evaluation system for the public service.

What is Compensation?

Compensation refers to the combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits employees receive in exchange for the work they do. Compensation can be either direct or indirect. Direct compensation can be fixed, as in wages or vary such as overtime payments. Indirect compensation can change and includes the benefits and services employees receive.

Current Compensation

The current compensation system in the public sector is characterised by

  • Complexity with 325 salary scales and approximately 185 allowances
  • Allowances make up a large proportion of total compensation for some groups
  • Inconsistent application of policies and processes
  • Absence of a guiding philosophy and common tools
  • Real and perceived inequities
  • Little or negative role in motivation and productivity
  • Pressure to manipulate the system to increase pay
  • Lack of clarity and transparency – upward pressure on the wage bill and overhead to maintain and defend the system

In this regard, the GOJ wants to ensure that public sector workers are compensated adequately in making the public sector a good place to work.

New Compensation System

  • The new compensation system will support the delivery of high quality public services, reward performance, promote equity and reward employees competitively. The system is based on how jobs relate to each other in the public sector and the following principles:

    • Simple – easily understood
    • Consistent – equitable application and transparency across the public sector
    • Rewards Performance – recognises and rewards high performance
    • Sustainable –affordable, manageable, defensible and supports the realisation of strategic goals

    A key feature of the new compensation system is a New Public Service Job Evaluation Factor Plan which will be used to understand jobs across the public service in a more consistent way. This will replace the myriad of classification systems and structures currently in place and align the job evaluation system to international standards.

Compensation Review Booklet

The Government of Jamaica recognizes investing in Public Servants is necessary for Jamaica’s overall economic growth.  


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